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About Us

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A tribute to our heroes!


Who are We?

We are a bunch of frungsters = fruit lovers + youngsters with a mission of making the world healthy by reintroducing fruits as an ideal meal or a snack in place of junk food. provides high quality fruits at competitive and best market prices.

Why we sell fruits?

Years before we found a lamp - a magical lamp with a genie inside. The genie granted us one wish in return for a favour. We wished for eternal youthfulness. BOOM! our wish was granted. In return for the wish, the genie asked us to help the world - spread the goodness of fruits. And that's how our awesome journey began.

Our Fruission = Fruits + Mission

Our mission besides finding the lost genie lamp is to provide healthy munching options to our clients. We simply wish the world a healthy and fruity life.

Our Belief

Like the fruity zing, never lose your sparky thing!